Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tags and Such

I've been tagged like 4 or 12 times lately to do the 25 Random Things post. And even though I did this like 3 times last year and I am certain I have no new revelations about myself, I will play along. Ya know, for my peeps.

I am determined not to overthink it and try to make myself sound all cool or introspective so I honestly, am going to try to spit out 25 things in under 10 minutes. Ready? GO.

1. I don't have cable. I only have a 13" TV in my bedroom.
2. I watch "Friends" on DVD almost every night before I go to bed. I know every line. to every episode. of every season.
3. I like owning books. Especially hard-bound, clean-paper smelling, pretty books. And I generally have like 5 waiting to be read.
4. Everyone who knows me well, knows I am Obsessive Compulsive. I blame OCD for all my eccentricities but, let's face it...that's not true. OCD is, however, the reason for the following 3 things...
5. I constantly form mathematical equations in my head. Like out of license plate numbers, phone numbers, billboards, etc.
6. I simply MUST have my checking account balance an even dollar amount. (ie. $450.00) Bank of America came out with "Keep the Change" a couple of years ago and I switched to them because of it.
7. EVERYTHING has a place. Even junk.
8. I am not the "clean" kind of OCD. If I were, I would sweep more than twice a year.
9. I buy hats and rarely wear them. I have a vintage hat collection from my Great-Grandmother, though, and it is among my most prized possessions.
10. If my dang head weren't so big, or my hair so thick, maybe I could actually WEAR them.
11. I let my hair grow out for almost 2 years to donate to "Locks of Love" and whined that I wanted to cut it for half that time. Now that I have, I miss it terribly. I almost feel as if part of my femininity was chopped off with it. And that makes me MORE glad I did it.
12. It would not be a good thing if I won the lottery. I would waste a small fortune on designer purses and shoes.
13. I'm still 30 grand in debt because I have a fashion degree. (It is probable that one day, I will live in a box.)
14. I am insanely and irrationally obsessed with 100 calorie snacks. I have been known to eat 4 for dinner.
15. If I ever quit my job with AT&T and the photography thing isn't paying the bills, I will beg for a part-time job at Sephora.
16. I cry at everything. Movies, weddings, commercials, you name it.
17. I have a bunch of best friends. And when I say "my best friend" to people, sometimes I have to clarify which one.
18. I get all crazy and obnoxious when I see a movie or video with someplace I've traveled to. Particularly, Eastern Europe. People find it absurd that I've actually been to Minsk, Belarus so I proceed to scream "OOH! OOH! I've been there!"
19. I miss my dog.
20. I have no doubt I would be perfectly content if I lived the rest of my life single. But I hope I don't.
21. I would adopt a dozen orphans from around the world all Brangelina-like, if I had their money.
22. I waited til all the Harry Potter books were out and then I bought and read them all. And I have a girl crush on J.K. Rowling.
23. I have road rage. BAD road rage.
24. My dream job is travel photographer for National Geographic. But then I wake up.
25. I seriously consider, almost weekly, selling everything I own and moving to another country. And I believe, one day I will.

(And that may have been more like 15 minutes, but there you have it. And since I don't know who will actually do this, I tag everyone reading this! Play along! They're fun to read.)


Blogger remember moments said...

I say go for the Nat'l Geographic Photog job! How awesome would that be?!?!?

3:26 PM  

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