Sunday, July 12, 2009

Donald Miller *swoon*

I'm like the girl in love with the quarterback in high school. Let's face it, EVERY girl was in love with the quarterback. He was cute, full of charm, drove a jeep and had nice parents. That's what he seemed like. Because most of the girls crushing on the quarterback have never spoken to him. 

In this case, the quarterback is Donald Miller and although seemingly cute and full of charm, what makes him so worthy of affection is his every man, honest and thoughtful writing. We should be friends. I don't go to football games. I give away copies of "Blue Like Jazz" and "Searching for God Knows What" and have him listed on my Facebook page though. I'm smitten. Along with thousands of other 30-something single girls searching for God knows what. 

Anyway, he has a new book coming out and you can read the first few unedited chapters here.
Have a look. It may be what you get for Christmas.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's been a while...

...so I thought I would post a photo. To tell you, dear internet, that I haven't forgotten you. I've just been busy, with like, humans and stuff. I still love you though.
I wish I were packing for Paris and not Philadelphia right now.

Copyright Amanda Hardy Photography. Please don't steal it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tags and Such

I've been tagged like 4 or 12 times lately to do the 25 Random Things post. And even though I did this like 3 times last year and I am certain I have no new revelations about myself, I will play along. Ya know, for my peeps.

I am determined not to overthink it and try to make myself sound all cool or introspective so I honestly, am going to try to spit out 25 things in under 10 minutes. Ready? GO.

1. I don't have cable. I only have a 13" TV in my bedroom.
2. I watch "Friends" on DVD almost every night before I go to bed. I know every line. to every episode. of every season.
3. I like owning books. Especially hard-bound, clean-paper smelling, pretty books. And I generally have like 5 waiting to be read.
4. Everyone who knows me well, knows I am Obsessive Compulsive. I blame OCD for all my eccentricities but, let's face it...that's not true. OCD is, however, the reason for the following 3 things...
5. I constantly form mathematical equations in my head. Like out of license plate numbers, phone numbers, billboards, etc.
6. I simply MUST have my checking account balance an even dollar amount. (ie. $450.00) Bank of America came out with "Keep the Change" a couple of years ago and I switched to them because of it.
7. EVERYTHING has a place. Even junk.
8. I am not the "clean" kind of OCD. If I were, I would sweep more than twice a year.
9. I buy hats and rarely wear them. I have a vintage hat collection from my Great-Grandmother, though, and it is among my most prized possessions.
10. If my dang head weren't so big, or my hair so thick, maybe I could actually WEAR them.
11. I let my hair grow out for almost 2 years to donate to "Locks of Love" and whined that I wanted to cut it for half that time. Now that I have, I miss it terribly. I almost feel as if part of my femininity was chopped off with it. And that makes me MORE glad I did it.
12. It would not be a good thing if I won the lottery. I would waste a small fortune on designer purses and shoes.
13. I'm still 30 grand in debt because I have a fashion degree. (It is probable that one day, I will live in a box.)
14. I am insanely and irrationally obsessed with 100 calorie snacks. I have been known to eat 4 for dinner.
15. If I ever quit my job with AT&T and the photography thing isn't paying the bills, I will beg for a part-time job at Sephora.
16. I cry at everything. Movies, weddings, commercials, you name it.
17. I have a bunch of best friends. And when I say "my best friend" to people, sometimes I have to clarify which one.
18. I get all crazy and obnoxious when I see a movie or video with someplace I've traveled to. Particularly, Eastern Europe. People find it absurd that I've actually been to Minsk, Belarus so I proceed to scream "OOH! OOH! I've been there!"
19. I miss my dog.
20. I have no doubt I would be perfectly content if I lived the rest of my life single. But I hope I don't.
21. I would adopt a dozen orphans from around the world all Brangelina-like, if I had their money.
22. I waited til all the Harry Potter books were out and then I bought and read them all. And I have a girl crush on J.K. Rowling.
23. I have road rage. BAD road rage.
24. My dream job is travel photographer for National Geographic. But then I wake up.
25. I seriously consider, almost weekly, selling everything I own and moving to another country. And I believe, one day I will.

(And that may have been more like 15 minutes, but there you have it. And since I don't know who will actually do this, I tag everyone reading this! Play along! They're fun to read.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Honduras Images

I added a small fraction of my Honduras photos to a web album. Check them out here.

Hopefully, you can catch a glimpse of the impact the Micah Project is making in the lives of young men, as well as their community. Wanna get involved? Consider giving here and pray for their work in Tegucigalpa.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What DIDN'T happen to me.

I have lots of stuff to talk about and I have a massive amount of photos from Christmas and Honduras but before I get busy on that, I have to share THIS. (<< Click there <<)
It's the funniest-glad-it's-not-me story I've ever seen.

Oh, and I have to tell you all really quick what DID happen. I got a poisonous spider bite in Honduras last week!! AHA!!! I had to get to the doctor Monday and am on steroids and antibiotics. My face swelled and my muscles got weird and it was GROSS! It's going away, but I am secretly thrilled that my arachnophobia is FINALLY justified. So THERE!!! I'm saying boldly- "I told you so!!" Spiders are evil!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


If you are significantly acquainted with me, you know I am passionate about a few things. I love Jesus. I am obsessed with photography. I am captivated by cultures and travel. I am passionate about social justice and mercy.

An opportunity arose, rather suddenly, that combines a lot of these passions into a trip with my church, Riverside, here in St. Louis.

On December 27th, I will be heading to Honduras with a small group to work at the Micah Project. The Micah Project accepts young boys, either living in poverty or on the streets of the capital city, Tegucigalpa, into the shelter of the project. Their goal is to support these young men, who will prayerfully grow to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly" with our God. (Micah 6:8)

I will be on a team that will be helping these young men in renovation efforts from devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and to run a Vacation Bible School for local children. I will also have the privilege of photographing our experience in hopes of spreading vision for the work of the Micah Project.

Needless to say, I am so excited to once again be able to GO and serve in whatever way I can. It is thrilling that God provides opportunities that connect so many of my passions. I pray He moves my heart to a place where I can love more.

I need you! What can you do?
Please join me in praying for...
- The trip! from December 27th through January 2nd
- The 24 boys currently at the Micah house
- Our work in showing love through renovation
- Loving the local children
- The photographs would tell their story and prompt others to serve
- Financial support for the trip

If you would like to financially support this trip, you can make tax-deductible donations to Riverside Church via me! Email me at ahardyphoto@gmail.com. (The total cost for our team of 6 is estimated at $6000!) I would love to have you join me in contributing financially. You can also give to the Micah Project via their website.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a beloved friend or family member. Know that I love you dearly and think of so many of you I am separated from geographically. This is my absolute favorite time of year! I pray with every twinkly light, every straw manger scene, and even every inflatable Santa, you are reminded of the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"That's what she said"...and other one-liners from the gynecologists office

Note- If you are a guy, you probably wanna stop reading now.

So I finally sucked it up and went to the Gynecologist today. I think I was under 30 when I went the last time. (if that tells you anything.) I was referred to this chic in South County who was supposedly funny and "hip" so I figured...what the heck. If any woman's gonna be feeling me up, she may as well be witty.

Now see, ladies, this is my issue...It's so strange going to the ob/gyn. They ask you all these questions and sometimes, ask you again, just to make sure you're not leaving out anything juicy. As if I'm gonna say, "Oh wait. I forgot to mention my intravenous drug usage. And well, I've only had sex a FEW times for money."
They really want to know about your sex life. or lack thereof. Sometimes, I feel like I should tell them a fun anecdote or something, just because I don't get to tell them about sex partners.

Abstinent. Done. Move on.

Put me on the scale. Joy. They tell me I've shrunk an inch. I'm now down to 5"4. Shit.

All of this happens even before I get naked. The doctor comes in, just when I am getting reeaaally comfortable in that stirrup chair. They should sell those at IKEA. I'm telling her random stuff about me. "I just moved here. blah blah. blah. My car got stolen. blah. Those Anne Geddes photos are nice. blah. blah. blah." I am postponing the inevitable here.
But to my surprise, ALAS! A funny doctor! She jokes back. She cusses. She has a nose ring. I start to develop a girl crush on her.

Then. She tells me to get naked. I ask her if she could at least buy me a drink first.

So, of course, girls, you know how it goes. She comes back in and jumps right to it. I happen to look over and notice the contraption on the counter. I'm thinking aloud..."That's not gonna fit." She replies, face between my legs, "You don't trust me?" I say "I've heard THAT before." I feel like I should be in the back seat of a car. in 1992.

I'm always so nervous about what the Dr. is thinking. So I make some comment about not worrying about the curb appeal when I have no house guests. She busts out laughing. (Note to self- Maybe I shouldn't make someone double over as they are shoving a metal rod into my vagina.) Speaking of, why is that metal thing always so. damn. cold??

Oh, the misery. At least, she gets done quickly and heads north for the breast exam. This is what is so weird. It's clinical. But just...in a way...personal. As I always break awkwardness with humor, I start to tell her this is the most action I ever get, and about the same time, she busts out with "So you need to get your ass outta the ghetto!" I didn't know if she was referring to my earlier "curb appeal" comment or what. I must have looked confused and then- I get it. We both die laughing. She's talking about my recent run of theft. She says she has a switch blade in her purse. I like her more.

Come to find out, it wasn't so bad. When your gyny has her face in your loveliness, at least I found one who quotes "that's what she said." I almost want to send her flowers tomorrow.