Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weak-Knees, Heart-Racing, Shallow-Breath, Hot HOT Guys

I have always been rather fond of hot guys.
I mean, I AM a woman.

But as I strolled out of the movie theatre all weak and breathy after watching The Bourne Ultimatum the other day, I wondered what exactly makes a guy hot.

And I think I figured it out.

It's not all about looks, of course.

I mean, Nicolas Cage was hot in Face/Off and The Rock, but generally, he's not extremely attractive. And I don't mean to generalize, because I cannot speak for all women, but when I think about characters that make me leave the movie willing to give a lung for one night ironing their tight jeans, it's something deeper but shallow nonetheless. It's the intellect, the confidence and strength. (and the tight jeans don't hurt)

Every girl has the rescue fantasy. The knight in shining whatever. We want a man willing to kill or die for us. I admit that.

(And ok, to you married women reading this- I know this is all ridiculous and Christ is my rescuer, and men are not meant to fulfill all our security needs, etc...so please spare me the comments or emails about me having unrealistic expectations.)

I know the truth. I don't ever expect to marry Indiana Jones or 007.
At this point, I don't expect to marry anyone actually. So let me have the fantasy, mkay?!

So I decided to make a list. (Yeah, I have OCD and I love lists. You know this.)

Here is my list of the Top 10 Hottest Guys in Movies these days-

1. Colin Firth
as in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones' Diary.
I would give a lung AND a kidney to hear his accent for an hour.
He's British. He's the strong, silent type and he looks great in jeans. What's not to love?

2. Josh Lucas
as in Sweet Home Alabama.
I know it's camera magic making his eyes look that blue but mmmm. mmm.

3. Matthew McConaughey
as in A Time to Kill.
Remember that ladder scene with the sweaty, ripped t-shirt? Women everywhere just gave a collective "uhh huuuhh."

4. Matt Damon
as in The Bourne trilogy and Good Will Hunting.
He looks so normal...but on the flip side, he can just kick ass. On top of that, he speaks all kinds of languages and is just freakin smart. That's so hot.

Brad Pitt
as in Seven and Fight Club.
So I said it wasn't all about looks, but in this case, it is

6. Jason Statham
as in The Transporter.
So his movies mostly suck, but I watch them anyway. He has an accent, amazing...um, calisthenic ability and that black driver suit totally works on him.

7. Mark Wahlberg
as in The Italian Job and The Departed.
His model girlfriend may not be able to say a lot, but one thing she can always say..."My boyfriend can kick your boyfriends ass."

8. Colin Farrell
as in SWAT and The Recruit.
He's just so bad ass. And he's Irish.

9. Michael Vartan
as in Alias and Never Been Kissed.
What is it with the CIA guys? On Alias, he was stern but sensitive. And bonus! He's French.

10. Bruce Willis
as in Die Hard.
"Yippee Ki-ay, mother *#%^@!"
So yeah, he's older. I like to think of it as experienced. Who cares? That smart ass grin is steamy.