Friday, January 25, 2008

St. Louis Move: Cancelled...

So in case you didn't get the email...my plans have changed.

I am no longer moving to St. Louis.

I've decided to move to Houston.

And as soon as I get there, I am setting my house on fire.

I was born in September.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankfully, I'm At Work...

So I have time to blog.

I was tagged twice in a day. That's a record. Honestly, I didn't think my readership was that high.
Nikki and VeryBadCat always keep me entertained. Check them out.

If you're new to this blog thing, peeps, It's like the internet playground. All fun and games for grown-ups but instead of jumping off swings, we say things to seem all smart and ultra-cool. Of which, I admit, I play along. And, just like the playground, when someone tags you, you're it...and you repeat the
meme on your own blog. Click on the word for the Wikipedia link.
(See what I did right there? Mention Wikipedia? And that's how you look smart AND super-cool.)

Anyway, this particular blog is supposed to be six random/quirky things about you, but since everything in my life seems so serious and BIG right now, I may join Nikki in the deep end of the pool. Oh and since I was tagged twice, I guess I'll write 12.

1. My Brother, Mitch, is the love of my life. He's 35 and lives in Atlanta. He is genuinely the sweetest, most tender-hearted guy I know. Even though we liked to have killed each other growing up, we joke now about living together because we never get tired of each other.

2. The guy I loved, and thought I would marry, married someone else almost a year ago to the day.

3. Tomorrow, I am giving my dog, Sadie, to a family who is adopting her. I have cried more over this than over #2.

4. I am prone to crying. Music, movies, books, even commercials occasionally. This is why I avoid going to epic or dramatic movies with people I don't know well. What am I talking about? I cried at Juno. Pathetic.

5. I bet people think I say funny or smart-ass stuff to get attention. And the thing is...I try NOT to say funny and smart-ass stuff all the time so people will think I'm not an attention seeker. But it's really not about the attention. I just think stuff is funny. And I laugh at it in my head. And I share what's in my head.

6. I have this thing, with my Mom, that started when I was in college...When we're saying goodbye, she says "I love you" and I say "I love you more" and she says "I love you the mostest." We've repeated that an average of twice a day for 15 years and I'm not tired of it yet.

7. My OCD is fun. It makes me eat tic-tacs in even numbers and separate my M&M's by color. Also, I must MUST have the volume or any numbered control on a 5. (ex. 25, 30, 55, etc)

8. Previous roommates have referred to me as the "Queen of Immodesty." If you ever live with me, you'd learn. I just like being naked.

9. I met a guy over the phone almost 2 years ago through work. His name is Brent, but I call him "Illinois." I have never met him in person and probably never will, but I communicate with him so much, it tricks me into thinking we are closer than we actually are. The truth is, I want to meet and he doesn't. That bothers me.Who wouldn't want to meet me?!

10. Speaking of, overall, I communicate with more men than women. Professionally and personally. This has been the case since college and I don't know why. I think it's partly because my girl friends all got married and had kids and don't mingle as much with single girls. The guys got hitched and got kids too but oddly, they are somewhat more loyal to me.

11. My greatest fear is growing old alone and my life turning out to be insignificant. But I am not afraid to die. And actually, if I died anytime soon, I would want to be buried in my favorite boot cut jeans, my turquoise and silver t-strap high heels and this sexy halter top I have. Also, let me go meet Jesus in my favorite earrings.

12. I don't know where I got my self-image, but I honestly, in my heart, believe I'm beautiful.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

'Cause We All Just Wanna Be Big Rockstars...

If I had a Rock Band, the name would be

My platinum, Grammy-winning debut album would be titled


and my super-cool album cover would look something like this
(but taken by me, of course)

* This is actually a blog meme I stole from Nikki, who stole it from Megan.
Plus, I stole the title of the post from Nickelback.
Go check out Megan's blog for fun instructions on channeling your own inner Rockstar!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

But then a couple of hours later...

She braved it again. There was at least 2 inches!

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

Oh what a glorious day.
You wake up and ya think to yourself..."Self, this is probably just gonna be a typical day." Pssh. Yeah. Right.
Well, I tell you, internet, here is what happened.
First, I was at work. I didn't have class today so I went into work when I finally got bored with working at home and really just wanted to actually speak to humans. (ok, sorta.)
Since I only have a couple more weeks in Charlotte, I have been steadily cleaning out my desk. I was mostly done but today, decided to clean out my file folders.
Now mind you, internet, I am 90% organized all the time. It's my thing.

But in my obsessive search to find order sometimes, I place things in files and forget them. They are in their place and therefore dead to me. Well, anyway, I was going through a folder marked "personal" and noticed 2 unopened envelopes from my old mortgage company. Hmm. Another statement I suppose. Oh no. I rip it open and what is there? you ask.

2 checks. Totaling a little over 1600 bucks.

Oh yes! I had $1600 worth of checks sitting in a file folder since last August.

What the hell?!

Turns out I overpaid my escrow. So I guess I should start opening my mail.

Praise Jesus. I'm thinking one word. iMac.

So after I had a mini-stroke, I got home tonight and anticipated my luck changing. They've been predicting snow. Yeah right. If you know nothing else about me, dear computer, you know I love me some snow. Life cannot be this good.

But sure enough, right around 11, it started snowing.


Sadie licked the big snowflakes for about 30 seconds and then was like..."um. screw this. I'm freezing my tail off. "

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just 'Cause I Feel Like It

My girls, Nikki and Cat, are doing the tagging thing on their blogs. No one tagged me but since I have nothing else to write about and I have neglected my own blog for reading others', I figured I'd play along.

So you write 7 random facts and tag others blah blah blah. I'm ignoring the rules and selfishly focusing on the stuff about me.


1. I love my dog Sadie more than about anything. I have to find her a new home because I'm moving and travel quite a bit for my job. I have seriously considered quitting my job to keep her. I also consider paying someone monthly to keep her for about a year until I get a new, non-traveling job.

2. Even though people tell me different, deep down, I don't believe I am good enough to be a professional photographer. This terrifies me really because without photography, I can't thing of anything else I'm talented at or that I love as much. And if I don't have the hope of doing it full-time, what else will I look forward to doing?

3. If I had a dollar for every time someone in my family has said "You'd be so pretty if you lost weight." or someone I meet asked "Are those your real fingernails?", I would be freakin' loaded and wouldn't have to think about making a living off photography or anything else.

4. I went out with a guy I met on myspace last year. He sent me a really sweet message so I naively wrote him back. We emailed and talked for a while and when I was confident he wouldn't kill me with a hacksaw, I agreed to meet him. The first hour was nice. Fast forward a couple of hours and he turned into a freak. I swear I will never go out with anyone I meet online again. (Unless Matt Wertz writes me.)

5. I could and would love to live in Russia.

6. I have for years, had a secret fantasy of being a spy for the CIA. I honestly believe I would make a good spy because officials never suspect me of anything and often, strangers end up telling me everything.

7. I'm a closet conformist. I buy funky accessories and shoes that I totally love but I end up never wearing because my friends are generally more "conservative" and I don't wanna look "out there."